Contract with exchange provider terminated

Posted by The Bullex team on Aug 30, 2019, 10:32:48 AM
The Bullex team

Dear Dcorp and Bullex member,

As communicated before, we wanted to give our cooperation with our exchange provider one last shot. The plan was that by September 1st our exchange would be online and fully functional for 1 month.

We just had a status update and they will not be able to get us online. The progress over the past weeks has been too little and came with many complications. The 3.3.3 system upgrade that should solve our open issues was faulty on staging. Given the fact that this was their final opportunity to back their promises about improving their system and ways of working, we decided to not proceed any further. We know from experience that an upgrade on production would introduce old and new bugs and it was not even working on staging... We lost all confidence that they will ever get us online in a responsible and profitable manner.

Therefore, with great disappointment and sadness we have no other choice than to end the business arrangement. Per September 1st our contract ends.

We try to arrange a grace period of 2 weeks, so everyone has the opportunity to withdraw. However, this has not been approved yet. If you are able to withdraw before September 1st we advise you to do so.

All withdrawals work, except for XRP, so we will process those withdrawals manually. Your patience is appreciated. If you are not able to withdraw via Bullex before September 1st, rest assured that your funds are safe. We made snapshots of current balances, secured the hot wallets and can process your withdrawal manually outside of Bullex, but withdrawal in the next two days will be much easier and quicker for everyone.


Edit: we arranged a grace period of two weeks.

  • Our current environment -as is- will remain online until September 1st.
  • On September 1st our exchange will go in a withdrawal only mode. No trading, depositing, etc. is possible, only withdrawals.
  • This withdrawal only mode runs for two weeks through September 14th.
  • On September 15th  all remaining systems will go offline.

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