Proposal Announcement

Posted by Sangho on Jul 18, 2019 7:56:57 AM

As you may know, we have stretched our budget as far as possible and are very proud of what we have achieved so far with limited funds. Thanks in part to the willingness of our team to work at reduced or no pay, we are where we are today. We are at the verge of getting Bullex out of beta! We expect to launch beginning of August!

However, there are not enough funds left for a full launch campaign as has been mentioned in the financial report found here. This is why we are now proposing a vote for the ETH that is locked in the VC smart contract. In the linked proposal we explain why we want to borrow the ETH and how we are going to use it.

Although we have tried to be very precise in the proposal, we understand it will raise questions. To address these, we have scheduled a Q&A this Saturday (2019-07-20) at 8 pm CEST (6 pm UTC). In order to organize this Q&A properly, please send us a message that you want to attend. Also, if you have questions, please send these in advance. You can do this via We cannot guarantee questions asked via telegram or other means will be captured.



Today - Proposal out

July 20th - Q&A

August 1st - Start vote

August 8th - End vote

August 9th - Start launch campaign preparations  (depending on the outcome of the vote)

August 22nd - Launch (depending on the outcome of the vote)


We really hope you understand the necessity and urgency of our request. We believe there is a very strong case for Bullex to be successful, otherwise we wouldn’t be here today. Please read the proposal carefully and send any questions you may have to


Kind regards,

Sangho Grolleman


*Unfortunately, the audit of the smart contract is taking longer than expected. Therefore, the vote is delayed with 1 week and starts on August 1st. 

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