Update #24: Closed Beta Continues!

Posted by The Bullex team on Nov 1, 2018 5:47:00 PM

Closed Beta Update

Groups 1 and 2 have both been testing the exchange for a few weeks now, and group 3 has started today! Our developers have been hard at work resolving bugs that have been identified through the testing. Here is a snapshot of the bugs that have been resolved:

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Update #23: Closed Beta Launch!

Posted by The Bullex team on Oct 18, 2018 3:42:00 PM

We’ve just got a short update this week, but we’re excited to announce the closed beta has launched! Also, this week we would like to remind everyone of the tokens currently on the list for the launch of Bullex and that we’ll be featuring all of the coins and tokens in short spotlight articles.

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Update #22: Bullex Closed Beta, Fiat, and More!

Posted by The Bullex team on Oct 16, 2018 3:38:00 PM

We’re gearing up for the closed beta launch of Bullex and have been very busy ironing out bugs and putting on finishing touches, and we’re excited to announce the official closed beta launch date! We’d also like to touch on other topics such as Bullex listings, EUR support, and the smart wallet.


Development Update

We’re putting the finishing touches on Bullex in preparation for the closed beta launch:

  • Testing of all business rules like KYC, 2FA, withdraw limits, etc.
  • Working to enable some of the cryptocurrencies that require extra transaction data
  • Finalization of styling (But we will incorporate beta feedback)
  • Successfully testing orders of the remarketer across multiple other exchanges
  • Completing some interface testing to verify all items function as intended

Beta Update

We are excited to announce the first batch of closed beta testing will officially start on October 8th! If you have been selected, you should have received a request for your Telegram username a few days ago. We have provided further instructions via email to those selected, and we will be using Telegram to facilitate much of the beta testing, so please keep an eye on it too! We will be rolling out more phases of testing as we verify there are no major bugs or any are resolved if they are identified. Each group will also be asked to focus on specific areas of the site.

Euro Support!

We are excited to announce that we have made significant progress on implementing fiat support on Bullex as promised! We will be launching Bullex with fiat support via EURO IBAN deposits! We are also working to add the same functionality for USD, and we will be seeking to expand deposit support to credit cards to open up fiat options for even more users! We will be providing more detail on the specifics of the fiat implementation in the coming weeks.


We’ll be announcing the assets that will be listed on Bullex over the coming days. Each asset will feature a short article introducing the coin or token being listed, so keep an eye out for those! These intro articles will be geared towards newer investors in the world of cryptocurrencies.

We’ve had interest from several parties for listing on Bullex and have engaged ExchangeListing in the due diligence process for those assets. We will update you on any confirmed listings when that happens.

VC Platform

Smart Wallet

We’d like to take a few minutes to discuss the smart wallet that will be implemented as part of the new VC platform. If you’re not familiar with our smart wallet, here is a brief recap of what it is and how it can lower the barrier of entry into the Ethereum ecosystem and open it up for a wider audience.

The smart wallet is a decentralized browser-based wallet that will allow you to send/receive transactions, use the DRP token changer, and other functionality on the blockchain without the need for a downloaded desktop client, MetaMask, or any other additional software. It is a smart contract that uses a never-before-seen method of safely storing your hashed password on the blockchain itself. This allows it to stay decentralized and allows you full ownership of your tokens and ether stored on the address. This process will abstract away public keys, private keys (but don’t worry, users can still extract this if they wish!) and other blockchain terminology, so new users are not intimidated by the Ethereum ecosystem. We see this as a big step forward in bringing Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies to a much wider audience.

Below, you can see a preview of the smart wallet creation page:


All of the code involved in the smart wallet has undergone extensive 3rd party review to ensure there are no security issues or bugs. We also plan to incorporate other DApps into our smart wallet, so you can interact with supported DApps directly from your smart wallet in a much simpler manner than currently possible.

Closing Remarks

If you’re interested in learning more about DCORP and Bullex and would like to join our community, please subscribe to, or join, our social channels:



If you’re interested in listing your asset or are aware of someone who is seeking listing on a regulated European-based exchange, please fill out the form here!

Thanks for reading!

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Update #21

Posted by The Bullex team on Sep 21, 2018 3:14:00 PM

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks here at DCORP. Here are the topics of discussion for today’s newsletter:

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Update #20 Bullex: closed beta application — progress updates

Posted by The Bullex team on Sep 5, 2018 1:07:00 PM

A very short newsletter this week. We are working around the clock to get Bullex delivered!

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Update #19 Bullex Marketing Strategy & Progress Update

Posted by The Bullex team on Aug 23, 2018 1:29:00 PM

Launch plan Bullex

Great news for Bullex.eu! The team is still working hard to finalize the last points, and we are on schedule for our Q3 launch of Bullex.eu. We even updated the placeholder page with a countdown timer. Check it on bullex.eu.

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Update #17 — Announcement DRPS — DRPU

Posted by The Bullex team on Jul 25, 2018 12:40:00 PM

Development update

  • Bullex: we finally got access to the staging environment!
  • The refactoring of the web app and the integration of the hybrid backend is around 55% done.

Important announcement DRPU and DRPS

DRPU & DRPS: deserve their own white papers
 So far, we have issued one white paper that describes DCORP’s mission, activities, and the benefits for both DRPU and DRPS token holders. With this approach it is not always clear what the exact characteristics & benefits for each of these tokens are. To ensure full transparency, DCORP has now issued a specific white paper for each token. 
 The new white papers can be found at dcorp.it under the ‘resources’ section from July 27th.
 Characteristics of DRPS & DRPU
 Along with their differences, DRPU & DRPS do share a few things in common. Token holders of both DRPS and DRPU:

  • Have the ability to vote on which projects get supported by DCORP Ventures,
  • May qualify for airdrops from DCORP’s token partners.

DRPS, as indicated by its ‘S’ designation, will become DCORP’s Security token. DRPS token holders:

  • May receive dividends,
  • May benefit from developments in the token value with the promise of future dividends.

DRPU, as indicated by its ‘U’ designation, will become DCORP’s utility token. DRPU token holders:

  • Will get a discount on the transaction fee at Bullex.eu when paid with DRPU,
  • Will get a discount at other future projects supported by DCORP.

DRPU will also be used (for example) by token partners to pay listing fees on Bullex.eu. DRPU is particularly interesting for token holders in countries where Regulators recognize the difference between security and utility tokens or have forward thinking policies.
 Safeguarding DRPU as a Utility token
 Our token changer at dcorp.it currently offers the possibility to exchange DRPU to DRPS (and vice versa) in a fixed 2:1 ratio, with a transaction fee of 2%. A result of this freedom to exchange DRPU into DRPS is that in a number of jurisdictions DRPU is not fully regarded as a Utility token, but rather as a token with Security characteristics.
 In the case that DCORP would pay out dividends for example, it would be possible to exchange DRPU into DRPS to receive the dividends, and afterwards change back into DRPU to benefit from Utility characteristics. Given this possibility for DRPU token holders to benefit from dividends, some regulators regard DRPU as a Security.
 Changes to the Token Changer
 To safeguard the Utility characteristics of the DRPU we will adjust the token changer at dcorp.it. From August 15th 2018 onwards it will no longer be possible to change DRPU into DRPS or vice versa.
 Other parts of the token changer will not change. DRP token holders will still be able to convert their DRP token into DRPU or DRPS for free. Check the graphical representations to see what changed.


DCORP invites anyone who currently holds DRP to register on the platform (dcorp.it), and exchange their existing DRP into either DRPU or DRPS. We are not in a position to recommend one or the other, but we urge all existing DRP holders to do their due diligence on the benefits of both tokens and read the relevant white papers. Please take into consideration your individual circumstances, personal preferences, citizenship status, and applicable regulations in your country.
 Q: For how long can we still exchange DRPU directly into DRPS (or vice versa)?
 A: It will be possible until August 15th 2018 by using the Token changer at DCORP.it.
 Q: Can we still change DRP into DRPU or DRPS?
 A: Yes! This part of the token changer will not change. DRP token holders can still convert their DRP token into DRPU or DRPS for free. 
 Q: Where can I find the new White papers?
 A: The new white papers can be found at dcorp.it under the ‘Resources’ section from July 27th.

Update on Token Partners

Sangho created a live dashboard to show what’s going on with respect to Token Partners and Strategic Partners. You can find the dashboard here.

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Update #16 Blockchain Expo follow up — DCORP going to Utah

Posted by The Bullex team on Jul 11, 2018 11:12:00 AM

Development update

  • Bullex: we still wait for access to the staging environment. We escalated this slow progress with our service provider.
  • The refactoring of the web app and the integration of the hybrid backend is around 50% done.

Detailed roadmap becoming a dashboard

We promised to show you a roadmap with more details in this newsletter. Unfortunately this is not possible now. Sangho tried to integrate a roadmapping tool (AHA!) with scrum boards (new ones set up in Trello). Although it looked very promising at the start, this eventually was too difficult and complex to work with. Moreover it still did not provide the exact insights we wanted.

Therefore we now look into possibilities to grant you access to a dashboard in our current tool Favro.

Update on Token Partners

The pre-ICO for Senno ended. They raised over 1 million USD. You can read their blog post here. Because of the success of this pre-ICO they decided to shorten the period for their public ICO. They are confident that they will raise all required funds in one week only! Their ICO now runs from August 1st to August 7th. Read all about it here.

An update on our Hong Kong Token Partner Datum. Unfortunately their proposal did not come through. We hope we can give you better news in the next update!

A busy Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam

We had a booth at the Blockchain Expo on 27th and 28th of June in Amsterdam. We met a lot of people that were interested in DCORP and Bullex! We got loads of business cards from all kinds of startups, ICOs, dreamers and even established businesses (Vodafone, Accenture). We learned from the Hong Kong conference that it can take a long time before a partnership really takes off. So please be patient and give us time to construct a partnership deal.

Sangho’s pitch was well received. A professional recording was made and we expect the edit this week. We plan to incorporate subtitles in Chinese, Korean, and other languages as well.

DCORP sponsors Crypto Currency Con

DCORP is one of the sponsors of Digital Currency Con in Park City Utah on the 14th. We’re going to have a booth, and an opportunity to chat with some innovators in the industry.

Our booth will be manned by Jon and Scott (Scott is one of our dedicated volunteers). If you are around: we look forward to meeting you there!

Designs Bullex

Last newsletter was too soon to include the winning designs for Bullex. So, here are the designs, both in dark and light themes.

If you cannot load the screenshots with URLs:
Dark design home
Light design home
Dark design trading
Light design trading

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