Update #19 Bullex Marketing Strategy & Progress Update

Posted by The Bullex team on Aug 23, 2018, 1:29:00 PM
The Bullex team

Launch plan Bullex

Great news for Bullex.eu! The team is still working hard to finalize the last points, and we are on schedule for our Q3 launch of Bullex.eu. We even updated the placeholder page with a countdown timer. Check it on bullex.eu.

Please find the steps below that we intend to take to launch our brand new exchange!

Closed beta
In September we open our exchange for a small group of users: a closed beta. In this beta we want to use the extra set of critical eyes to get all configurations right. In addition we also want feedback on the UX and design.

More information on how to apply will follow next week. Stay tuned!

Open beta
When the closed beta is successful we will move to an open beta. The exchange will be open to the public, but other than within the DCORP community, the exchange will not be actively promoted. We will need this period to improve our grip on the admin settings of the exchange and test all our procedures. Think about:

  • Improving our understanding of how to balance liquidity on the exchange while keeping superfluous funds safely stored in a cold wallet.
  • Testing all our customer support procedures and ensuring timely resolution.
  • Improving the website based on the support feedback provided by our community and the type of support we have provided to users.
  • Getting full control over the Clearing & Settlement of all executed trades, including the transactions with our bank, payment providers & remarketing partners.
  • Tweaking our new KYC processes that includes including the manual processing of requests that could not be handled automatically.
  • Tweaking our Anti Money Laundering (AML) rules to get a good balance of flagged vs. approved transactions. Also get a better understanding of the manual workload resulting from these settings.
  • Getting full control over our marketing activities by ensuring we can measure all activities end-to-end.

Marketing-wise we will use this period to test different ways to reach potential customers with tools like Google Adwords to learn what works best. Also, we will work out the details for a referral competition with our community members.

Big Launch end of October
Once we are sure we are fully in control of the exchange we will start making noise!

  • AdWords on the usual suspects: unless the learning period shows the cpa is ridiculously high.
  • AdWords on our Academy offering: courses on how to buy and sell cryptocurrency for beginners, trading strategies for intermediate/experts, and courses on all coins and tokens we list.
  • Display advertising via the Google Display Network (GDN) and on some individual sites.
  • Email blasts: Advertising by using others’ mailing lists. Currently we are negotiating with several partners (around 60K crypto enthusiast email addresses).
  • Facebook advertising: application for preapproved status regarding cryptocurrency ads is under review.
  • Influencers: we have several offers from YouTube channels to do a promotion.
  • CPA deals: talking with marketing agencies who do cost per acquisition deals.

We are also open to any other suggestions and feedback for marketing ideas! Just reply to this mail to start bringing in your ideas!

Progress Bullex

Over the past month we had some issues with our exchange software provider. Important questions were answered too slowly or not at all. This delayed the front end development and contracting with 3rd parties (like KYC and cold wallets). After escalating several times we finally had a call with senior management (COO) to resolve the issues.

We are close to the final stages of development and 3rd party integration. To keep you updated we put a progress tracker online. You can find the tracker via this link. Please note that a lot of items are in progress. We’ll add percentages complete as soon as possible to give you more context. Thanks for your patience :)

New team members!

We are very happy to welcome Gabby, Alex and Jonathan!

Gabby helps us with the exchange support information. We created a structure and content for our online help section. Gabby is a native English speaker and rewrites this huge pile of information! In addition she helps out in our social channels.

Alex is our new front end developer working mostly on the Bullex exchange (he did some work on the Academy too). The new landing page was his work!

Jonathan is probably well known to you already. He is a frequent visitor of our Telegram channels and has agreed to help us on a part time base with our communication and content.

DCORP Pitch translations

The subtitles of the DCORP pitch are translated into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish (Latin America) and Russian! They will be published over the next couple of days. Also, announcements in these languages about the translations will follow soon. This will help increase our potential customer base.


DCORP and Bullex explained in a five minute pitch!

Announcements and Q&A

Over the past weeks we had a lot of announcements. The most important ones are included here.

Token changer community vote
The community voted for option 1: disable the link between DRPU and DRPS.
Email about this result.
Link to Frank’s medium article for more details.
Link to transaction. This transaction on the blockchain shows how the token changer was paused.

Relisting on Cryptopia
As a result of the community vote DRPU has been relisted. You can view our trading pair here.

Q. “Will 100% of secondary revenue generated by DCORP BV’s 3rd party technology licensing go directly to the team account?”
A. Our goal is to airdrop 90% of tokens we receive from the Token Partners. Other profits cover DCORP’s operational costs with the rest being allocated to the company balance.

Q. What is the listing fee for tokens on Bullex?
A. The final amount has not been decided on yet, but up to 50% will be paid in DRPU with the remainder being paid in ETH or fiat. The actual percentages will be decided upon by DCORP, so a token seeking to be listed can’t decide to only pay 1 DRPU with the rest being paid in ETH.

Q. What is being done with the listing fee? (Burned, Bullex, VC or something else?)
A. Half of the DRPU will be kept or sold over time by DCORP. At this time we will not be performing buybacks or burns of DRPU. The other half will be used for marketing purposes and bounty campaigns.

Q. What are the two types of governance proposals?
A. Governance proposals are divided into two groups:
1. Proposals that can be approved by the Supervisory Board

  • Canceling funds
  • Replacing fund managers
  • Freezing accounts
  • Deploying contracts to develop funded projects
  • manage deployed contracts

2. Proposals that need to be approved by the token holders

  • Issuing new tokens
  • Payment of dividends
  • Replacing board members
  • Adjusting voting or funding rules
  • Changing compensations
  • Managing deployed contracts

Q. What is the Supervisory Board?
A. The Supervisory Board (SBo) is a group of seven individuals who represent the token holders by making governance decision and performing management tasks. Each supervisory board member receives one vote. In addition to the seven SBo votes, the founder has two votes. This brings the total voting weight to nine, so there cannot be a tie.

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