Update #27: Marketing and Rewards

Posted by The Bullex team on Dec 13, 2018 11:08:00 AM
The Bullex team


The open beta for Bullex has continued for the last couple weeks with a substantial amount of positive feedback! It’s not too late to check it out at beta.bullex.eu. We are continuing to work through various bugs with the remarketer being a recurring issue we’re working through with our exchange provider. We aren’t ready quite yet to announce the official release date for Bullex, but we’re progressing with marketing plans.

We have signed a deal with a marketing firm that will offer a wide range of inbound marketing tools. Inbound marketing is a form of marketing meant to attract new customers by utilizing content marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) branding, social media marketing, and other similar methods. One of their strongest points is automation of marketing and connecting all the dots. This gives us the opportunity to have extremely relevant and timely interactions across our channels, and in turn this guarantees that we get the most out of every euro spent on marketing.

We can’t quite announce yet the company we’re working with, but we’re excited for how this will help us with our marketing. We’ve heard your concerns, and we’re confident this will help us deliver an effective solution!

We’re also developing a rewards system as another tool to attract new users to Bullex. This system will award users with DRPU or other cryptocurrencies upon completion of certain tasks. Some examples of the types of tasks are depositing fiat, signing up for the newsletter, completing a certain number of trades and depositing multiple types of cryptocurrencies. This is another unique feature Bullex will have to increase the value proposition for new users!

Lastly, don’t forget we have a new Telegram for the open beta of Bullex! Due to some difficulties with the previous channel, this will become the official channel, so please join today!

VC Platform

There has been much work over the last several weeks ironing out bugs, updating visuals, and polishing the site in general, and we’re excited to announce the closed beta will be launching soon for the focus group! After some time with the small group to iron out any remaining major bugs, we will open it to a broader audience. Stay tuned for more info!

In the meantime, here are a few screenshots of the VC platform:


Closing Remarks

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