Update #34: Early Access Program and Dev Updates

Posted by The Bullex team on Mar 21, 2019 2:48:42 AM
The Bullex team

We're getting closer to launch with the announcement of our early access program! The feedback has been good from our mainnet testing, and we're almost ready to roll-out our exchange to more users with the early access program.

Early Access Program

We recently announced our early access program for Bullex on social media and are excited to share it here too! This program will let us to bring users into Bullex in a phased approach that will allow us to initially have a slow and predictable increase in the number of users. This will provide us the opportunity to test the scaling of all of our systems and fix any issues if they were to arise. 

You can sign up and find more details here, so please sign up and spread the word! We will be providing more details on this soon and hope you look forward to trading on Bullex!


Dev and Other Miscellaneous Updates

  • We have added the team page and it can be found here. We're sorry it took so long, but we're glad to have it up!
  • We've also heard from many of you that you would like the team to spend more time in Telegram, but we can't guarantee this. We're working hard to get Bullex launched, and we're sure that's what you'll want us to focus on so we can launch as soon as possible.
  • We're working on the payment gateway integration.
  • Optimization was performed for Internet Explorer.
  • Integration with AlphaPoint was further stabilized.
  • Charts were updated to properly display candles when viewed under different time frames. Note that during mainnet testing and early access there may be some time periods that don't have trades leading to a lack of candles during those periods. This is normal chart behavior.
  • Various visual bugs were fixed.
  • Short descriptions of all assets were updated and improved.
  • We're continuing to work on our ad campaigns to provide best value for our money spent. We've hit a roadblock with one option for ads, but we think we have a solution in place now.


Closing Remarks

In case you missed it, you can find our last update here and the feed of all our past updates here (until everything is migrated to our native blog)! As a reminder, we will be migrating new posts to our native blog platform.

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