Update #36: Soft Launch May 1st!!

Posted by The Bullex team on Apr 18, 2019 3:20:22 AM
The Bullex team

This is it! We're preparing for our soft launch/open beta of Bullex on May 1st! Anyone will be able to sign up for an account, perform KYC, and trade once verified! The soft launch will allow us to ramp up our support and marketing as we iron out any last kinks in our systems and add support for fiat direct buying of cryptocurrencies. We expect this period to last roughly one month before our grand opening! We're also holding a survey to vote on whether bullex.eu or bullex.exchange should be our primary url.


If you have questions other than the ones below, please don't hesitate to join our telegram and ask us! InboundJunction has begun helping out in the telegram, so we'll have someone available 24/7 to help you out! This is one way they will be ramping up their efforts as they work to lay the foundation for a successful marketing campaign.


What is a soft launch? 

The soft launch, or open beta, of Bullex is when the exchange will be open for any user to create an account and trade real mainnet cryptocurrency. All standard functionality is in place except direct buys with fiat, fiat withdrawals and the webshop interface.


If fiat direct buys and withdrawals aren't ready, will I be able to trade on fiat pairs?

Yes! All fiat pairs on Bullex are implemented in a tokenized manner. This means you can sell to our native EURB or USDB token and hold those in your account, or withdraw to an ERC20 compatible wallet. Then, when we add withdrawals support (first for EUR, then for USD), you can withdraw the tokenized fiat to your bank account, and it will automatically convert to EUR or USD on withdrawal.


Is KYC required to trade?

Yes. As we seek to be fully compliant with all rules and regulations, this is one requirement we must implement. We're using IdentityMind to fulfill our KYC requirements.


What assets will be listed at the soft launch?

Currently confirmed assets are BTC, ETH, ETC, DGB, XMR, DASH, ZEC, LTC, XRP, BCHABC, and DRPU.


What is DRPU?

DRPU is the utility token of DCORP, Bullex's parent company. It will be used to provide a 50% discount to our already competitive trading fees.


What are the trading fees?

Without DRPU discount: Maker fees = 0.10% and taker fees = 0.20%

With DRPU discount: Maker fees = 0.05% and taker fees = 0.10% paid in DRPU


What types of trades will be supported?

Market, limit, stop limit, stop market, trailing stop limit, trailing stop market, fill or kill, IOC and reserve. Please find more details at https://blog.bullex.eu/explanations-of-all-order-types-on-bullex


Can I refer people to Bullex?

Yes! You can use your unique referral code to refer friends. Currently we don't have the program fully developed, but users signing up with your code will be listed as your referral in our database, and then when our program is ready to implement, you will get all of the benefits for previous referrals!


I'm a DCORP ICO investor. How do I convert my DRP into DRPU for use on Bullex?

Please refer to https://blog.bullex.eu/how-do-i-convert-drp for a short tutorial.


Other Updates:

  • We're having a vote with our community to help us determine which url should be used as our main one. We currently own bullex.eu and bullex.exchange and would like your input on which one you like the most! Please vote here and share with all of your friends.
  • Rogier Van Poppel is no longer working for Bullex or DCORP. The skillset he was hired for and our needs changed over time and eventually grew to a point where it was agreed to mutually part ways. We're thankful for his contributions and wish him the best in future endeavors! We still have the required skills to launch Bullex, but we are actively looking for another developer to help expedite the process and help maintain the exchange in the future. We will provide an update when possible.
  • We also haven't forgotten about your requests for more financial transparency. We are close to having a report available and will provide you with more information when it is ready to share.



Closing Remarks

In case you missed it, you can find our last update here and the feed of all our past updates here (until everything is migrated to our native blog) and here!

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