Update #37: Open Beta is Live!

Posted by The Bullex team on May 2, 2019 3:40:25 AM
The Bullex team

Bullex has been officially soft launched, so our open beta is now live! Anyone can now sign up for an account and, upon completion of KYC, start trading! We would also like to give a preview of our requested features list to help everyone know what we're working on!

Soft Launch/Open Beta

It's official, anyone can create an account now at Bullex.eu, complete KYC, and begin depositing and trading real cryptocurrencies! We're excited to open up the doors for everyone and look forward to growing our user-base and community! Please join us in spreading the word about the soft launch of Bullex! Also, keep your eyes open, because we will soon begin a ramp-up of our marketing with the launch of our token challenge! More details to follow.

If you have any questions about our soft launch, please check the FAQ in our last update here. Please also join our Telegram group to get involved in the community and ask any questions that may not be answered in the FAQ. 

We haven't lost any customer funds to date, and we don't expect to run into any issues around this, but we're still encouraging users to start with small amounts of cryptocurrency while we're ramping up. If a customer were to have missing funds, we'll do everything in our power to restore those funds, but there are certain things we cannot fix such as sending to an incorrect address. As always with cryptocurrency transactions, double and triple check the address you're sending to!

If you find bugs during testing, please report them using the built-in bug reporting feature currently found at the top of the website. This is the best way to ensure our developers can track all bugs to resolution and not let any fall through the cracks.

Features for Launch and Beyond

We're excited to share our list of all the features we're currently planning to add to Bullex! We would also like everyone to know that we are always open to new ideas for features, and will sometimes hold community votes for what feature to implement next! If you have ideas or suggestions for new or improved features, please let us know in the Telegram group or send a tweet. Please use #Bullexfeatures in your telegram message or twitter post to help us make sure no requests get lost!

We will eventually have a dedicated page or public favro board to help everyone know what we're working on, planning to implement, have implemented, or may consider. For now, here is a short list of some ideas we have and some from our community:

  • API
  • Auto buyback of DRPU spent on fees
  • Auto rebalancing of your portfolio (ex: with a single click, complete market buys and sells to balance my portfolio to be 25% BTC, 25% eth, 25% XMR, and 25% DRPU)
  • Mobile App for iOS and Android
  • More assets listed with fee donation and more marketing in regards to this feature
  • Automatic calculation of portfolio gains/losses to help with tax accounting

Development Update

With the soft launch, we've also released an update to the site provide a number of improvements. These improvements include:

  • Improved styling on several portions of the site
  • Improved intro tutorials
  • Quicker site loading
  • Minor improvements to user experience such as logging in with the enter key.


Closing Remarks

In case you missed it, you can find our last update here and the feed of all our past updates here (until everything is migrated to our native blog) and here!

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If you’re interested in listing your asset or are aware of someone who is seeking listing on a regulated European-based exchange, please fill out the form here!

Thanks for reading and happy trading!



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