Update #37.5: New Team Members and More!

Posted by The Bullex team on May 9, 2019, 2:56:32 AM
The Bullex team

Surprise! We've got a few things to announce, so we figured we would go ahead and make a mini-update out of it! We've brought on new team members, the token challenge is starting soon, we'll also have the financial report within the next week or two, and we've set up a public bug-tracking favro board!

New Team Members

We are very excited to welcome Mark Reuvers to the team. Some of you may recognize Mark since he has already completed some work for us in the past. He wrote the DCORP Academy courses on Money 101, fundamental analysis, technical analysis (soon to be released), and developing and working with a trading plan (soon to be released). Mark has also been responsible for the courses on our crypto assets. In the future, he'll be working on several tasks ranging from marketing and strategy to business development and coding!

This week we also hired a new frontend dev: Arthur. He'll continue the work of Rogier, and it will start as a short-term assignment. If it is a good fit for both him and us, we’ll then pursue a more permanent working arrangement.

We’ve heard your concerns about the support system for Bullex, and we’ve taken a big step in resolving those concerns. We have hired four (Alice, Olivia, Marco and Peter) part-time support staff to help us with Bullex. They started this week and will be staffing our Zendesk to help ensure we have 24/7 coverage for responding to support issues in a timely manner.

Token Challenge

The Token Challenge is the first major portion of our marketing campaign. It will provide user the opportunity to earn DRPU (in addition to the rewards already on Bullex) for completing various tasks such as following us on social media or helping spread the word about Bullex. We'll be providing more details on this shortly and expect to start within the next week.

Financial Report

We are working on putting the finishing touches on the financial report and expect to have it ready soon. Thank you for your continuing patience on this subject.

Favro Boards

In case you missed it, we've published a public favro board, so everyone can see reported bugs and our work as they are resolved. It can be found here. We're also working on the public roadmap for Bullex and will share it when it is ready.


Closing Remarks

In case you missed it, you can find our last update here and the feed of all our past updates here (until everything is migrated to our native blog) and here!

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Thanks for reading and happy trading!



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