Update #39: Status Update, Webshop, and Roadmap

Posted by The Bullex team on May 30, 2019 3:52:48 AM
The Bullex team

We've seen a lot of growth on Bullex, but we've also had a few new issues surface. This means we're postponing our grand opening, but you'll still be able to use Bullex in the meantime.  Here you'll also find our promised roadmap and a preview of the web shop!

Status Update

Our user-base has continued to grow, and a few items have surfaced as a result. This has also lead to the decision to postpone the grand opening of Bullex, but we hope you will understand why. The main driver for this delay is that we're not yet confident Bullex can achieve the up-time and reliability needed to fully launch. We have not yet set a new target launch date, but we're working closely with our exchange provider to launch ASAP.

Recent Outages

As you may be aware, we have recently had a few outages of various services on Bullex. Some of these have been planned and announced, and these are nothing more than routine maintenance as should be expected to occur on occasion. However, we have had two instances of note that merit further explanation where possible. 

The first event was related to a suspected security breach at our exchange provider. We were not impacted, but the safeguards in place against such events were activated and all hot wallets were taken offline by the exchange provider. This shut down all deposits to and withdrawals from Bullex. This is a desired response in the event of a real security breach, so we're glad to see the safeguards worked as intended. However, we will work to provide better communication on such events in the future.

The first step of this plan was to communicate to our exchange provider that we need more timely and clear communication when such events occur. Secondly, we will be adding more information on Bullex itself to make it clear to users when wallets are offline, or other services are not operational.

The second event is a currently ongoing issue related to Bullex rewards not being properly deposited into the accounts of users that have met the requirements and have successfully claimed the rewards. This system was previously working, but unfortunately a new bug has surfaced. All rewards that have been claimed and not received will be deposited into users accounts when possible, so everyone will get the rewards they deserve. Thank you for your patience on this issue.

Development Update

In addition to resolving the previously mentioned issues, we've pushed at least two updates since the last newsletter. As always, our change log can be found here. As recently promised, here is a roadmap for milestones and features on Bullex. This is very much a living document, so don't be surprised if it changes over time, but it should still give you an idea on where we're headed and what we're aiming for.

As a surprise, Sociall (SCL) can now be traded on Bullex! Sociall was one of our earliest partners and our first completed airdrop through the DCORP Academy! Sociall is aiming to be a decentralized social network, and they currently have a functioning product that can be found at sociall.io, the iOS store, and Google Play.

We would also like to show you a preview of the web shop, but please note that these are pre-release images. Inclusion in these images doesn't guarantee inclusion in the final design, and visuals are subject to change. Our main goal with the web shop is to dramatically lower the barrier of entry for new cryptocurrency users and investors by providing an easy and beautiful way to purchase bitcoin, ether and other cryptocurrencies with as few clicks as possible. Without further ado, here are the screenshots!







Token Challenge

Our token challenge is still live, and we have reached the halfway point. Roughly two weeks remain, so don't miss your opportunity to earn some free DRPU at challenge.bullex.eu

Financial Report

Thank you for your patience in your wait for the financial report. We have recently started a review of the report with a limited audience to ensure there are no points of confusion. Once this review is complete, we will be able to send it out publicly.

Closing Remarks

In case you missed it, you can find our last update here and the feed of all our past updates here (until everything is migrated to our native blog) and here!

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Thanks for reading and happy trading!



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