Voting is now live!

Posted by The Bullex team on Aug 10, 2019, 12:20:42 PM
The Bullex team

Dear DCORP community member,

We would like to let you know that the vote to refund a part of your initial investment or to continue with DCORP is now live!

Voting Is Live

Voting is now live and will continue until next week Saturday the 17th of August 2019.

Here are the instructions on how to vote. This also includes instructions on how to see what the current votes are. If you prefer, you can also use this nice tool made by Zimri to cast your vote.

Additionally, we would like to mention that we have been able to get Ether and DRPU withdraws working the way they should. We are very happy with this!:) Not only because it allows you to withdraw your tokens from Bullex to participate in the vote (if this didn't work, we would have used an alternative solution), but also because it means that we have been able to successfully integrate BitGo, which is a great confidence booster! Since we have made this fix last night, we will still have to test the other coins and tokens, but this is a very good prospect!

We would also like to mention that this vote is a community vote in which the core team will not partake. The core team will refrain from voting, unless their tokens are needed to reach the minimum threshold that is needed to have a valid vote. In this case, they will use their tokens to vote alongside the majority. Since, the minimum amount of voting tokens needed to reach the threshold is 5% of all available DRPU and DRPS, we do not expect the tokens of the core team to be used at all.

What You Are Voting On

We would once more like to make clear that the current vote, running from the 10th of August 2019 until the 17th of August 2019, has the following terms:

If you vote ‘yes’ on this proposal, this means that you vote to dissolve DCORP and divide the remaining Ether (after reserving a part for serving out contracts and dissolving Bullex NL B.V. and her foundation) among all token holders that make a claim within the claiming period of 8 weeks. The part that is needed to serve out contracts and dissolve Bullex NL B.V. and her foundation is €355,000. €355,000 divided by the Ether rate at the start of the vote will be reserved in case the majority decides to dissolve DCORP. At the current rate, that would be about 1775 Ether. This means that there will be about 6847 Ether that will be distributed amongst all token holders that make a claim within the claiming period of 8 weeks.
If you vote ‘no’ to this proposal, this means that you do not wish to dissolve DCORP, and in fact wish to continue with DCORP. Together, we will continue working on and voting on a revised version of the original proposal. A 'no' vote does not mean that you agree on the revised version. It means that you simply do not wish to dissolve DCORP and have a partial refund. From there, we can discuss the next proposal.

If the majority of the community votes to continue, we will proceed with the original proposal submitted on July 18, but we will together revise the proposal. The three major points that can be revised are: 

1: The DRPU necessary for the services of Ami and Nadav. For this, we have several options to make that possible:

  • The community will loan the DRPU to Bullex, instead of the core team, and receive interest over the principal of the loan. However, the price at which the DRPU will be paid back will be capped; or
  • The core team will loan the DRPU to Bullex and receive interest over the principal of the loan. However, the price at which the DRPU will be paid back will be capped; or
  • DCORP will create new DRPU tokens for Ami and Nadav; or
  • Bullex will buy DRPU for 90% of the current value and use this to pay Ami and Nadav. The core team is also willing to sell their DRPU to Bullex at 90% of the current value.

2: The loan provided by the core team. For this, Frank has agreed to be repaid his 20,000 euros of the loan out of the future revenues made by Bullex. Moreover, Hansco has agreed to be repaid 70,000 euros of the loan out of the future revenues made by Bullex, and the other 70,000 euros from the VC smart contract funds.

3: The release of the marketing funds. Regarding this, we could decide that Ami and Nadav will continue working on the marketing plan, but that we would only make the marketing budget available once the community has agreed to do so. We will have to wait for approval of the community. This would mean that no marketing budget would be made available until the Exchange and Store are ready to go live and until the community is satisfied with the state of the exchange. We could do this through the use of a vote.

To Be Continued

The team will be available for questions and discussions in our Discord channel. We will also be able to provide quicker updates in there. If you have any more questions or would like to have more information, we invite you to join us in our Discord channel ( Please mind you that in order to be able to take part in our discussions, you will need to have a verified account on

Kind regards,

The DCORP and Bullex team

Closing Remarks

In case you missed it, you can find our last update here and the feed of all our recent updates here!

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Thanks for reading and happy trading! Love Bitcoin, join the Bull.



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